Basement Conversions

Basement Conversion

A basement conversion is a great cost-effective way of adding extra living space to your home without the need for a complete structural overhaul of the exterior of the property. 

Whether you're looking to create an interesting out of the box room like a home cinema or want an extra bedroom or living room, basement conversions are one of the easiest ways to add that extra dimension to your home so there's no need to relocate. 

At watertight homes we pride ourselves on being the leading expert in basement conversions in Yorkshire and its surrounding areas, our services also include waterproofing and tanking

We pride ourselves on having only the best basement conversions specialist in each area we cover, with extensive knowledge and expertise in creating well crafted bespoke basements we are confident that we can tailor our workmanship to your unique requirements. 

The process of building new basement constructions below ground level inevitably involves dealing with the potential presence of damp and adding electrical systems to the new room. This means it's vital to include effective waterproof tanking which adheres to the current structural waterproofing BS8102 safety standards. 

We work in residential and commercial properties across Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

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Benefits of Converting a Basement

Basement conversions are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, especially in places like cities where space is at a premium. Already a popular trend in London, homeowners across the UK are catching on to how utilising the unused space under a property can bring all sorts of benefits not only to your lifestyle but also to the value of the property. 

A perfect addition to any house within a city, basement conversions allows city dwellers the best of both worlds, they can extend their existing living area without having to give up on outdoor space. 

Most people would be surprised at how much space can be created with a basement conversion as they open up the dimensions of the property on a large scale, giving the homeowners a wide choice of options to benefit the vision for their home. The possibilities are truly endless with popular choices being an at-home gym, cinema room, game and crafts room, or even something simpler like an extra living room, or home workspace. 

These types of rooms lend themselves to basement conversions perfectly when compared to other extensions like a loft conversion. Functionality is key in any home and having an extra living room or games room situated upstairs away from the main living areas can often be impractical. 

Another benefit of a basement conversion that cannot be overlooked is the added value it can attach to your property. In cities and highly sort after areas, a basement conversion is estimated to increase the value of a property up to 30%. You can even make money from the basement conversion whilst living in your property by turning it into a self-contained unit for lodgers and Airbnb guests, creating this type of unit under a house ensures far less disruption and more privacy for you as a homeowner while still being able to profit. Additionally, extra entrances for a rented basement conversion only increases the potential rental income. 

At watertight homes, we offer homeowners and developers a high quality and cost-effective basement conversion service that increases the home’s size and value by extending downwards. From the initial stages of design to the actual reconstruction and waterproofing we guide our customers from start to finish. 

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Basement conversion options

Do you have a damp unused basement, then why make the most out of it and create a brand new living space? We specialize in basement conversion throughout Yorkshire, Huddersfield Leeds, wakefield, Manchester, and Harrogate

Whether it’s to increase living space or you have a particular project in mind, we can best advise you on the practicality of the idea you have in mind. For example, if the project is to accommodate a swimming pool, we can advise on shower installations. Likewise, if you plan to install a studio we can advise on soundproofing.

The options for your new basement conversion are truly endless and you can create a room to suit any vision in mind, here are some great ideas we think make a great basement conversion:

  • Bedroom
  • Games room
  • Playroom
  • Home gym
  • Office
  • Cinema room
  • Mancave
  • Garden Basement
  • Living room 

Can I convert my basement?

Before moving full steam ahead with a basement conversion is it imperative that you find out if your basement is suitable for the type of conversion you are looking for. At watertight homes, we have experienced and knowledgeable qualified surveyors who will be able to give you professional advice on your plans and how they can be achieved. 

A consultation survey

The process would begin with an initial consultation survey at your property to discuss the project. The aim of this is to meet the people who will be completing the project and discuss your options to gain a quote report and specification.

Fully waterproof basement

Waterproofing is an essential part of a basement conversion, being below ground level in the earth means water can find its way into your basement through the walls. Our team of specialists will ensure that waterproofing is done right and can be confident that your basement conversion won't suffer from damp or leakage. 

If this aspect isn’t done right then major problems such as damp can arise costing you lots of money, so it is imperative that it is done correctly the first time. 

It is essential to completely waterproof your basement before the project begins, as well as ensuring the conversion remains water-resistant once completed. The type of structural waterproofing can depend on the project itself. 5 of the main categories we offer are:

Cementitious Tanking

Cavity Drainage

Sprayed Membranes

Bonded Sheet Membranes

The initial consultation survey will gauge which Structural Waterproofing is appropriate for your project. Watertight Homes also offer a range of other Waterproofing services, including:

Damp Proofing


Basement Waterproofing

Commercial tanking

Timber Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, basement conversions are a great way to not only add space but also value to your property at a relatively low cost compared to what can be made from the investment. According to Savills, basement conversions can add anywhere between 10-15% to your property’s value, additionally, the homeowner’s alliance put this value at 20%.

In most cases converting an existing residential basement or cellar into a living space will not require planning permission, as long as the unit is not separate from the property and the conversion does not significantly change the external appearance of the property.

The time it takes to convert a basement depends on multiple factors such as the current state of the basement, the work being done, and the size. On average the initial construction and waterproofing phase can take anywhere between 8 weeks – 12 weeks.

Yes, you can lower the floor and your basement, this is usually done through either underpinning or benching. Both methods involve structurally changing the foundation walls and footings allowing you to have a more usable space and the basement more thoroughly waterproofed.

The majority of basements and cellars, especially in older properties lack adequate ventilation before they are converted into livable spaces. It is likely that some form of ventilation will be required, this can be done a number of ways through air-bricks, humidity-controlled fans, and heat exchange units.

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