Basement Conversions & Damp Proofing in Yorkshire

Basement Conversions in Yorkshire

Cellar conversions are a great way to add space to your home in Yorkshire.

The options are endless for whatever you want to convert your basement into.

Whether you opt for a practical option such as a storage or utility room, or a more adventurous project such as a spa room, games room or guest bedroom, Watertight Homes can offer their expertise to make your dream basement become a reality.

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Cellar Conversion Ideas

Watertight Homes have completed numerous basement and cellar conversions throughout Yorkshire.

We are experienced in converting basements for a number of uses, as well as waterproofing and dampproofing services.

It isn't uncommon for basements to become prone to issues with mould and damp.

This is why Watertight Homes will begin the process of the basement conversion by carrying out an initial inspection on your basements structural properties.

We would then waterproof your cellar to get rid of any excess moisture, to prevent any damp issues occurring with your converted basement.
Feel free to get in touch to discuss any cellar conversion ideas you may have.

We can offer advice and guidance on any project you have in mind.Whether it's a practical conversion, such as additional storage, or a more ambitious extension such as a basement spa, we can help.

As well as offering guidance on ideas, we are free to discuss any basement conversion cost. We can carry out an initial survey of your property also.

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Damp proofing Services in Yorkshire

Before making a start on any cellar conversion, we ensure we damp proof your basement.

Damp can cause mould, as well as structural and aesthetic problems for a basement conversion.This is why we ensure we effectively survey and damp proof any basement we work on. This can be done with damp proof paint, a damp proof course and other methods.

Should you like to discuss a damp course cost or any other damp proofing cost, then please get in touch.
As well as adding space to your home, basement conversions also add value to your home. 

Whereas an extension may take up vital garden space, a cellar conversion simply transforms an already existing part of your home. Loft conversions are also more restricted and require more structural work than basement conversions. 

If you require a cellar or basement conversion in Yorkshire then please don't hesitate to get in touch, whether you have a specific project in mind or want to discuss your options. 

Watertight Homes operate throughout Yorkshire, including York, Sheffield, Bradford, Hull and many more.

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