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Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Watertight Homes are a team of specialists in cellar and basement waterproofing solutions. We offer a complete service for all damp proofing, commercial tanking, cellar and basement conversions, timber treatments, wet and dry rot control as well as woodworm issues

Basements affected by damp and moisture can cause a number of issues. As well as causing obvious structural problems to your property, being in contact with mould and fungus can also be damaging for your health. 

Most basements in properties, including both old and new builds, suffer from some degree of dampness or water ingress and it can often be difficult to detect the source of dampness. However, our Basement Waterproofing services can eliminate all traces of moisture within your home, protecting your property, belongings and health. 

Whether it's a cellar conversion or entirely new construction, we have an experienced and highly qualified team of basement and cellar waterproofing specialists, to give you a dry basement and living space. 

Working alongside charted surveyors, certified surveyors and electro technicians, our esteemed experts can handle any project, no matter how large or small, to give your basement an effective drainage system. 

Our most common approach to basement waterproofing is waterproof tanking.

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Waterproof Tanking Systems

Waterproof tanking systems refers to how free water is managed externally around a building structure or room which is usually underground.

Tanking membranes are barrierlike systems which prevent water from entering a below ground level room by providing a physical barrier.

This is the traditional method, however, we use a more modern, reliable and risk-free structure. Cavity Drain membranes are a reliable alternative for structural waterproofing. The issue with tanking membranes, as opposed to drainage membranes, is that if there is an issue with just a minor section of the wall, then the whole structure becomes ineffective. 

The cavity drainage is impermeable to moisture and moisture vapour. There are numerous advantages to this system:

The system won’t be subjected to aggressive water pressure as it depressurises the water

Damage is easily repairable, and one minor default won’t affect the entire system

They can be maintained via inspection ports and meet the British Standard Requirement

They can be easily tested to assess performance, even before fixtures, fittings and finishes are applied

They are easily removable and suitable for larger properties.

All of our waterproofing systems come with a 10-year Guarantee and a free basement survey. Other waterproofing methods we use for basement waterproofing are interior drainage solutions and sealing all interior floors and walls to provide a barrier to exterior water.

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What is BS 8102

BS 8102 is a design specification outlining various methods of waterproofing available for structural waterproofing projects. The specification is not UK law, however, it is in line with British Standard regulations.

The specification contains up-to-date principles, recommendations and risk assessments in order to prevent issues which have occurred previously, due to poor workmanship or materials used. We are approved with TUG & CGS Insurance and offer insurance backed guarantees.

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