Flooded Basement Re-Conversion

Customer: Mr Hall

Location: City of Hull

Job Description

The existing basement always flooded so Steven asked me to put a solution in place so he could use it as a gym. So to start with we had to control the water by fitting a temporary pump just so we could work. We dug out 1 foot of soil to reduce the ground inside the basement and more digging into the water table. This was very challenging. After getting the level the client wanted we pumped in new water-proof concrete. We then fitted the twin sump pump station with a battery backup system and applied the membrane to all walls and floors. We then fit the PIV unit to control high-condensation stud walling with insulations. Once at this stage it was ready for all the first fix plumbing and electrics plastering joinery.

What problem we solved

Always flooded his basement so we made it into a habitable room.


Very impressed with all the work we did.

Photos From The Job

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