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A caring approach to my clients property was taken during the works as she was very worried.

Timber preservation treatments from Triton to preserve the existing timbers to the ground floor. During a building defect survey of the property I noticed the extent of the woodworm and wet rot infestation which was particularly concentrated in the ground floor timbers due to a leak from the outside.

The main carrier beams and flooring was replaced old joist ends being injected with Tribor Gel

Watertight Homes specified Triton’s Tribor Gel to control and prevent further wet rot attack. Tribor Gel is a ready to use glycol-Borate formulation which penetrates deeply into timber, and remains within the timber for the long term.

It is supplied in easy to use cartridges and applied to the timber via pre-drilled holes. A total of around 30 holes were predrilled into the timbers joist ends, where required, before injection with Tribor Gel.

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For the eradication of woodworm, Watertight Homes specified the use of Triton’s Tritec 121, applied by low pressure spray. Tritec 121 provides a non-hazardous water based concentrate and dilution and a re-entry time to the area being treated of just one hour. It is also safe for use in bat inhabited areas. To ensure effective timber treatment Triton Tripaste was applied this is a deep penetrating, heavy bodied “mayonnaise” wood preservative which gives long term protection against wood destroying wet rot fungi and dry rot and eradicates and protects against common furniture beetle, house longhorn beetle and death watch beetle.

It is particularly suitable for the treatment of wood which is difficult to penetrate by conventional spraying, and for when deep penetration is required (as is for the eradication of death watch beetle or house longhorn beetle attack). Tripaste contains two of the most widely used materials for wood preservation, namely Permethrin as the insecticide and tri-hexylene glycol biborate as the fungicide.

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Watertight Homes removed plaster and predrilled hols in the wall applied Trisol 23 a concentrated product formulated for the sterilisation of the masonry infected with the dry rot fungus to the walls inside the basement and above. Other uses include the control of mosses, lichens and algae on external surfaces. Does not contain any hydrocarbon solvents, glycols or glycol ethers. When diluted forms a low odour, non-corrosive and stable microemulsion.

Once we had completed all of the treatment we started putting back joinery new plaster and skirting boards.

On completion we supplied a 10 years insurance backed guarantee.

… another happy client

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