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Do You Need Damp Proofing Specialists In Leeds?

Leeds, located in West Yorkshire, England, it's a vibrant city known for its rich history and thriving cultural scene. With a population of over 800,000, it is the largest city in Yorkshire and the third-largest in the UK.

We are the best Damp Proofing Specialists in Leeds. We can help you protect your property from dampness and related issues.. Contact us for reliable and effective damp proofing solutions in Leeds.

We cover all areas across Leeds, such as the city centre, Horsforth, Headingley, Chapel Allerton, Roundhay, Moortown, Meanwood, Alwoodley, Oakwood, Guiseley and more!

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Do You Need Basement Damp Proofing In Leeds?

Protect your basement from moisture and damp issues. Our reliable team provides solutions for a dry and healthy basement. Contact us for professional basement damp proofing in Leeds.

Do You Need Cellar Damp Proofing In Leeds?

Looking for cellar damp proofing in Leeds? Trust Watertight Homes for effective solutions to protect your cellar from dampness and moisture-related issues. We provide trustworthy and reliable cellar damp proofing services. Contact us today for a dry and healthy cellar space.

Do You Need A Damp Proof Survey In Leeds?

In need of a damp-proof survey in Leeds? Watertight Homes offer comprehensive assessments for identifying and resolving damp issues in your property. We provide professional and reliable surveys. Get in touch with us today for a damp-proof survey in Leeds.

Do You Need Damp Proofing Contractors In Leeds?

Are you a business that requires damp proofing contractors? Protect your property from dampness with our services. Our team offers reliable and effective damp proofing solutions. Contact us for expert damp proofing contractors in Leeds.

Damp Proofing Leeds Reviews

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Damp Proofing Leeds Case Studies

Domestic Damp Proofing Treating Rising Damp

Customer: Nathan Winn Job Description We were hired in to treat rising damp so my client could sell his property. 10-year insurance guarantee for treating rising damp. We used membrane and limelight backing plaster with a DRY ZONE damp-proof course cream. We then applied the final coat of plaster to be able to fit back

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High Condensation Throughout The House

Customer: Everwarm Job Description Install a heated PIV unit and extraction trickle fans on all outside walls that are insulated. The owner of this house applied for a government grant to help with high condensation, poor heating, and poor insulation throughout. OUTCOME: no more condensation fans fitted with walls insulated. Photos From The Job Previous

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Woodlands Hotel Gildersome Leeds

Woodlands Hotel

Customer: Woodlands Hotel Location: Gildersome, Leeds Job Description We was called out to STOP the rising damp to this Victorian hotel in one of the bridal rooms. After removing the damp plaster and installing a DRY ZONE damp roof course then replacing plaster with limelight renovating plaster and tanking using membranes to stop penetrating damp.

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What Are The Most Common Questions About Damp Proofing?

A Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) is a waterproof material used to prevent moisture from penetrating walls, floors, or other surfaces. It acts as a barrier, protecting buildings from dampness and related issues. Contact us for more information about damp proof membranes.

Damp Proof Paint is a specialised coating designed to prevent the penetration of moisture into walls or other surfaces. It provides a waterproof barrier, helping to protect against dampness and related problems. Contact us to learn more about the benefits and applications of damp proof paint.

A Damp Proof Course (DPC) is a layer or barrier typically installed in the walls of a building to prevent the upward movement of moisture. It acts as a protective barrier, preventing dampness from rising and causing damage. Contact us for more information about damp proof courses and their importance in maintaining a dry and healthy property.

Damp Proof Cream is a type of damp proofing treatment that comes in a cream-like consistency. It is applied to walls or other surfaces to create a barrier against moisture penetration. The cream is absorbed into the substrate, providing long-lasting protection against dampness. Contact us for more information about damp proof creams and their application in damp proofing solutions.

Damp Proof Plaster is a specialised plaster that helps prevent moisture penetration in walls. It contains additives that make it resistant to dampness and create a barrier against moisture. Contact us to learn more about the benefits and applications of damp proof plaster.

A Damp Proof Injection is a process where a damp proofing solution is injected into walls to prevent moisture ingress. It creates a barrier, protecting the building from damp-related issues. Contact us to learn more about damp proof injections and their effectiveness in combating dampness.

The cost of damp proofing can vary depending on the extent of the issue and the specific requirements of the property. For an accurate quote tailored to your situation, please contact us at Watertight Homes for a cost assessment and professional advice.

Providing a quality damp proofing service

All our contractors are BBA approved and accredited, with Triton approval. We hold a 5-star rating on Which for customer service, quality, and value. Check out testimonials from satisfied clients. We've worked with families and commercial clients.

With 20+ years of experience, you can trust us to restore your property's integrity and fix your property's damp problems. 

Watertight Homes proudly offers a 10-year guarantee on most damp-proofing services, prioritising high-quality solutions and customer satisfaction. While we aim to guarantee every job, conditions like damaged brickwork or leaking gutters may impact eligibility. If clients don't address pre-existing issues, it could affect our ability to provide a warranty. We value transparent communication, keeping clients informed about factors influencing warranty eligibility.

Guaranteed Results & Competitive Pricing

Choose a business you can trust. Our Which? reviews talk for us.

What Other Areas Do We Cover?

Watertight Homes specialises in damp-proofing services in Leeds and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire and Lancashire. While based in Leeds, we serve clients nationwide, including Manchester, Harrogate, Wakefield, Huddersfield, and Cheshire.

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