Top 11 Basement Conversion Ideas

Top 11 Basement Conversion Ideas

Basement conversions are quickly becoming a more convenient and economical alternative to moving house or having an extension. At a time when we’re experiencing residential spatial shortages, the easier and cheaper option is to convert your basement into an extra living space, rather than having to relocate.

Whether you’re short of storage space or have a more ambitious project in mind, there are tonnes of fun and practical ways you can transform your basement. Rather than up sticks and move, why not save the hassle and money, and add value to your home with one of these basement conversions.

1) Home Cinema

A home cinema is a dream for every home, often an unachievable one. If we have limited space it’s hard to justify having a home cinema in place of a bedroom or the kitchen.

However, with a basement conversion, the dream can become a reality. As well as convenience, the basement is also a practical location for a home cinema. It is more secluded than a room situated at ground level or above, meaning you’re less likely to be disturbed by external noise or from your property. Many basements also have fewer windows, meaning it is easier to stop external light, giving your home cinema that genuine, blackout feel.

2) Home Gym

Often when we join the gym, we end up paying for equipment we never use. Whether it’s weight-lifting or cardio, it’s rare someone gets their money’s worth by using every bit of equipment.

This is why more people are opting for home gyms. It’s an initial investment in the equipment you regularly use, which will eventually pay itself off, due to the absence of membership fees.

Another reason people prefer home gyms to public ones is privacy. Many people feel more comfortable exercising in private. There’s also no waiting to use the equipment you need, and you get to control the music playing.

3) Utility Room

As basement conversions are out of the way, this makes them suitable to be used as a utility or extra storage room. Although these rooms are practical and essential for the home, they often aren’t the tidiest.

Because of this, many opt to have their utility room in the cellar, out of the way of the rest of the household. This way, they are able to give the grand tour of their proud home, the living room, kitchen, bedroom, without having to introduce their guests to the often chaotic and disorganised nature of the utility or storage room.

People like to keep this part of the home separate from rooms made for relaxation and leisure.

4) Garden

Garden basements are a great way to connect the house with the garden. Basement garden rooms make a great alternative to a conservatory, as they won’t take up any of your garden space. They’re also quieter as they’re underground and won’t have the banging of rain on glass roofs.

Although underground, they still allow enough light in. This is because the basement level can lead outdoors, with steps which lead up to the ground level garden. These steps allow plenty of natural daylight into the room.

For even more light, it’s also possible to have a skylight installed in the roof of your basement garden if the basement spreads past ground level into the exterior of the building.

5) Guest Room

Many homes simply don’t have adequate space to provide house guests with their own privacy. Having an extension isn’t always feasible either, due to financial and spatial implications. If pulling out the sofa bed in the living room won’t cut it, a basement conversion may be the way to go.

You can also install an ensuite if you really want your guests to feel at home. This is almost the equivalent of your guests having a whole floor to themselves, which is much easier to do with a basement conversion rather than an extension.

6) Cellar Bar

Another luxury staple for any home is having your own private bar. The basement is an ideal location for a home bar for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is isolated from the rest of the house. This means people inside the bar are less likely to be disturbed by the other residents, as well as being less likely to keep other guests awake if they are in the bar late in the evening.

Second of all, a dimly lit cellar is in keeping with lots of current drinking establishments. Whether it’s a traditional local pub or an edgy, overpriced bar, basements are often popular, trendy locations for drinking.

7) Spa Room

Having a Spa room in your basement is similar to the home gym, some things are just better in the comfort of your own home.

Whether it’s a steam room or sauna, having 24/7 access to your own home spa is unrivalled relaxation. You can simply hop up and down the stairs. Nobody wants to drive home and get road rage after a relaxing day at the spa.

Of course, other important things to consider when it comes to a home spa in your basement is damp control. Watertight Homes specialise in basement waterproofing, damp proofing and condensation treatment. Rest assured you can have your dream home spa, without needing to worry about the structure of your property.

8) Basement Living Area

If your living areas, such as living room and kitchen, seem to be getting cramped, transforming your basement into another living area can help to ease the situation. 

You may want to stop the kids fighting over what to watch on the television by introducing another living room. Perhaps you have an open plan living room and kitchen on the ground floor and plan on extending them into one and moving the other downstairs.

A basement is a great place for a living room or kitchen, as it’s so peaceful. It can be hard to relax and watch television or read a book when it’s too crowded. Likewise trying to cook in a full kitchen is tricky and frustrating.

9) Games Room

A games room, or a man/woman cave, is a very popular choice when it comes to utilising spare space in a basement. 

An outhouse is often used, as this is separate from the house. This is because one of the key features of a games room is privacy. Although not completely separate from the building like an outhouse, a basement conversion is still isolated enough to provide solitude, whilst requiring less space to build.

Whether it’s a game of pool, darts, air hockey or ping pong, basement conversions make a great, casual location for playing or watching sport.

10) Swimming pool

Perhaps the most extravagant basement conversion available, having access to your very own underground swimming pool is the definition of luxury.

Of course, engineering-wise, this may also require the most construction if you choose to have a completely inground pool installed. Above ground pools and partially in-ground pools are the alternatives.

Outdoor swimming pools are a thing of the past. With a basement swimming pool, there’s no need to take up precious garden space. They have lower heating and cleaning costs and you can also use it year-round, even in the UK.

11) Basement Music Studio

The basement is a popular location to install a music or recording studio, mainly due to soundproofing.

First of all, musicians won’t care for external noise showing up on their recordings, or disturbing them whilst they're trying to be creative. Vice versa, other residents won’t want to hear the constant banging of drums as well as have the neighbours complaining.

As the basement is underground, this already has some soundproofing qualities. If you were to install a music studio in your property, or even an outhouse, the internal sound would be more likely to disturb you and your neighbours.

If you choose to transform your basement into a music studio, Watertight homes are able to advise you on soundproofing and even tailor the project to best suit this.

There you have it. If you have an empty basement you don’t know what to do with, hopefully, we’ve provided you with some inspiration. Whether it’s the practicality of a utility room, extravagance of a spa or somewhere in between with a living room, Watertight Homes are able to best advise and assist you with your project.

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