Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity wall ties are metal strips which are designed to bond, the outer and inner walls of a house, together.

Sometimes the ties deteriorate, due to rust or corrosion, and the bond, between the wall layers, weakens, causing the inner and outer layers to bow away from each other.

This can be a dangerous situation and requires immediate action to save the wall from collapsing.

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How would we fit new wall ties ?

The new cavity wall ties are made from stainless steel and are inserted into the brickwork, through drilled holes, or by removing individual bricks, at set intervals. The new wall ties are secured to the inner and outer wall using polyester or epoxy resin.

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What about the original corroded ties ?

The original cavity wall ties have to be isolated from the outer leaf in order to prevent them from corroding any further and causing more damage.

The isolation works are carried out by locating the original wall ties with a specially calibrated metal detector, opening up the mortar joints at the tie location area, and then physically removing or encapsulating the tie ends.

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