The Top Damp-Proofing Brands for Different Products

Looking for reliable damp-proofing brands can feel like a daunting task when you're aiming to enhance, safeguard, or maintain your home. If damp is the challenge you're facing, you're in the right spot.

In this article, we'll guide you through the top options out there, helping you make an informed decision whether you're planning to purchase new carpeting or flooring, install it to perfection, or ensure its longevity against damp weather.

The 9 Best Damp-Proofing Brands

Here’s our list of the best damp-proofing brands on the market. No matter what room or property you want to damp-proof, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

#1 Sika

Sika is known for its wide range of construction products, including top-tier damp-proofing solutions. Prices tend to sit in the mid to high range, reflecting their quality and the advanced technology they utilise. The brand's reputation for durability and effectiveness has cemented its status as a go-to for professionals across the UK.


BASF, a heavyweight in chemical solutions, offers a range of damp-proofing products known for their innovation and technical excellence.

The brand can be expensive, but its reputation for environmental consciousness, alongside its commitment to high performance, makes it a preferred choice for eco-friendly projects.

#3 Remmers

German manufacturer Remmers is celebrated for its specialised damp-proofing and restoration products that cater to both historical buildings and contemporary structures.

Their reputation is stellar, particularly in the field of heritage conservation, where precision and care are paramount.

#4 Delta Membrane Systems

Delta Membrane Systems are specialists in cavity drain membranes, an innovative approach to damp-proofing that's become popular in retrofit and new build applications. Their systems come with a varied price range to suit different budgets and needs.

The brand holds a strong reputation for its customer service and technical support. Also, its product reliability makes it a preferred choice for those looking for effective damp control solutions.

#5 Triton Chemicals

Triton Chemicals is well-regarded for its broad spectrum of damp-proofing products, including its robust Triton TT Super range. The brand offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Triton's reputation for quality products supported by expert advice has earned it a loyal customer base in the damp-proofing industry.

#6 Koster

Koster stands out for its focus on high-quality waterproofing and restoration of buildings. The brand falls into a higher price category, reflecting its specialisation and the advanced technology behind its products.

Koster's reputation for creating tailored, long-lasting, damp-proofing solutions is second to none, particularly amongst those dealing with complex and challenging environments.

#7 Dryzone

Dryzone is a notable brand in the field of damp proofing. Its products are generally well-priced, making them accessible to a wider audience without compromising on effectiveness.

The company has built a solid reputation for providing straightforward, user-friendly, damp-proofing solutions that deliver results.

#8 Perma Construction Aids

Perma Construction Aids offers a multitude of construction chemicals, including damp-proofing products. It provides cost-effective solutions that don't break the bank, meeting the needs of budget-conscious consumers.

The brand is also known for its functional and reliable products. As a result, it has gained a reputation not only for affordability but also efficiency within the damp-proofing market.

#9 Permagard

Permagard stands out with its extensive product range that addresses various damp issues, from rising damp treatments to basement waterproofing systems. Their products are competitively priced, making professional-grade solutions available to a broad customer base. 

The brand has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality products coupled with expert advice, ensuring their customers receive the support they need to tackle damp effectively.

How Do You Choose Damp Proofing Brands?

Selecting a brand for damp treatment in your home is a critical decision. Here are the steps you need to follow to make the right decision.

  1. Identify the Type of Damp: Begin by pinpointing the type of dampness affecting your property. The three main types are condensation, penetrating dampness, and rising damp, each requiring a distinct approach.
  2. Assess Product Effectiveness: Research how effective the brands' products are for your specific damp issue. Look for case studies or reviews from customers with similar problems.
  3. Consider the Property's Age and Structure: Historical buildings might need more sensitive solutions offered by brands like Remmers, while modern houses could benefit from technologically advanced systems from companies such as Sika or BASF.
  4. Examine the Environmental Impact: Some brands offer more sustainable solutions that can minimise your carbon footprint while protecting your home.
  5. Evaluate Cost Against Quality: Weigh the cost of products against the long-term benefits they offer. Although cheaper products might seem attractive, they may not provide the durability or effectiveness of more premium options.

Keep in mind that factors such as regional climate conditions, the severity of dampness, and your own DIY skills versus the need for professional installation can all influence which damp-proofing brand is most suitable for your situation.

What Are Their Best-Selling Products?

Connecting the dots from our previous discussion on choosing damp-proofing brands, your decision is often influenced by a brand's flagship products. Let's look at the best-sellers from each brand that have earned their reputation in the market.

  • Sika: The SikaMur InjectoCream is a favourite, offering a user-friendly solution for combating rising dampness.
  • BASF: Known for its innovative Masterseal series, BASF delivers excellent protection against various forms of dampness.
  • Remmers: Their MB 2K waterproofing sealant is a popular choice, particularly for historic building restoration.
  • Delta Membrane Systems: The Delta-MS membrane stands out for its effective control of dampness in below-ground structures.
  • Triton Chemicals: The Triton TT Super range is commonly chosen for its robust and reliable damp-proofing properties.
  • Koster: A leader with their NB 1 Grey waterproofing system, Koster offers high-grade solutions for severe damp issues.
  • Dryzone: Dryzone Cream is widely sought-after for its ease of application in treating rising dampness.
  • Perma Construction Aids: Their Perma SEAL waterproof coating is a go-to product for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Permagard: Renowned for their damp-proofing creams and membranes, Permagard excels in versatile damp treatments.

Which Ones Are a Value for Money?

When exploring options for damp-proofing that marry efficiency with affordability, these brands stand out for their commendable balance:

  • Dryzone: Offering a cost-effective solution, Dryzone is at the forefront for homeowners looking for an affordable and reliable fix for rising dampness.
  • Perma Construction Aids: With a reputation for affordability, Perma Construction Aids' products offer practicality and cost-effectiveness for damp-proofing projects.
  • Triton Chemicals: A balance of price accessibility and effective damp proofing characterises Triton's range, ensuring a solid value for your investment.
  • Permagard: Striking a good compromise, Permagard's products are both economically priced and efficient in handling damp issues.
  • Sika: Providing a balanced equation of cost and dependable damp proofing, Sika stands out for its reliable solutions that don't break the bank.
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Catering to various budgets while maintaining quality, Delta Membrane Systems offers a versatile range that meets different damp-proofing needs.
  • Remmers: Although their products might command a higher price, Remmers' precision-focused solutions offer valuable returns, particularly for the conservation of heritage buildings.
  • Koster: Koster's emphasis is on long-term results with their specialised applications, making them a more substantial investment for the future.
  • BASF: BASF's solutions, although tending towards the premium end, are seen as a wise investment for long-term protection against dampness.
Damp-proofing brands products reviewed

Which Ones Are More Expensive?

Certain brands are positioned at a higher price point but are justified by the advanced technology and specialised solutions they offer for challenging damp proofing needs.

  • BASF: With products that often come with advanced chemical formulations, BASF sits at the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Sika: Sika's cutting-edge damp-proofing solutions typically come with a premium price tag.
  • Remmers: Specialising in products for historic building preservation, Remmers commands a higher price for its specialised offerings.
  • Delta Membrane Systems: While they have a varied product range, Delta's more advanced systems tend towards the premium price category.
  • Koster: Focused on professional-grade waterproofing, Koster's offerings are priced to reflect the high performance they deliver.
  • Permagard: With a varied pricing structure, Permagard's more advanced systems place them in the mid to high-end price range.
  • Dryzone: Generally affordable, Dryzone also provides certain high-end solutions that are more costly.
  • Triton Chemicals: Triton Chemicals is mostly cost-effective, but it does offer some top-tier products that are priced higher but still offer value.
  • Perma Construction Aids: Known for their economical range, Perma Construction Aids provide affordable solutions, with some specialised options that may have a higher cost.

These insights into the best-selling products and their value propositions can help tailor your choice of a damp-proofing brand to your specific needs and budget.

Does The Brand Matter?

Yes, the brand does matter when it comes to damp-proofing solutions. Depending on the problem you have, the budget at your disposal, and the specific product requirements, the right brand can make a significant difference.


Each damp-proofing brand offers a unique set of strengths, from cost-effectiveness to cutting-edge technology. Whether you're looking to preserve a cherished historical property or protect a modern development against the relentless UK weather, there's a solution tailored to your needs and budget.
Feeling ready to embark on your damp-proofing journey? Visit us at WaterTight Homes, where we can help you navigate through the options, provide expert advice, and support you every step of the way!

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