Structural waterproofing new build

Customer: Mr Pilkington

Location: Huddersfield

Job Description

Clients builder is building a house into the hillside. We was asked to come up with a solution to stop water ingress. So we applied self adessive TWS EX100 membranes and protected with double drain membranes. Clients builder then will use a French drain going round the new build so will control any flood water. We also applied P8 membrane with aqua channels round the perimeter walls to the inside so if 5% of ingress managed to come through the retaining walls we would collect this and control to the front of the new builds drains.

This system comes with a 10 years guarantee and is done to BS8102.

What problem we solved

Structural waterproofing to retaining walls (STOPPED INGRESS)


Very happy client with our work and advice as he did not fully understand but in the end after talking through our work he did understand. TOP JOB

Photos From The Job

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