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Timber is a living material and is used for structural support in many homes due to it being resilient and long-lasting.

It is ideal for being used as roof support, door and window frames, structural strengthening and decorative purposes. Other advantages of timber are that it requires low maintenance and treatment.

It can, however, be susceptible to damage from dry rot, wet rot and woodworm.

It’s important to catch and resolve these issues early, as the sooner they are treated the less damage will be caused to your property and more you will save.

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Types of Timber Treatment

We offer remedial treatment and protection against a number of issues which could potentially damage your timber.

1) Dry Rot Treatment

When timber becomes infected with dry rot, it becomes dry and brittle.

Other signs to look out for are cuboidal shaped cracks which can easily be pulled out of the timber by hand.

Dry rot can be caused by a lack of ventilation to the timber, or dampness. In order to decide which type of treatment is most efficient to combat the dry rot, it is important first to identify the source of the moisture.

Watertight Homes can inspect your timber to see if it has been affected by dry rot. If this is the case we can source the cause, then advise and treat your timber for you.

2) Wet Rot Treatment

Wet rot is the most common cause of decay and damage to timber used for structural support in the home.

Some signs of this occurring are long, cuboidal cracks, similar to with those seen with dry rot. The colour of the timber itself, however, will appear bleached or darkened, depending on the species.

Wet rot occurs when the timber has been subjected to high levels of moisture. Although common, the issue of wet rot can be fairly easily resolved.

Once the source of moisture is removed, the wet rot will subside. Wet rot won’t spread through the rest of the property structure either.

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3) Woodworm Infestation

There are numerous types of woodworm which can infect your property. These wood-boring insects infect the timber and live and breed there until fully grown.

Watertight Homes treat dry rot by applying an insecticidal liquid onto the affected areas, however, if the issue is severe, it may be necessary to replace the timbers. More information on Woodworm Treatment can be found here.

Watertight Homes are damp proofing specialists based in Leeds. We also operate in Manchester and throughout the rest of Yorkshire, so whether it’s West Yorkshire, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Harrogate or Halifax, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free survey and quote.

We have over 19 years experience and specialise in a number of aspects of the waterproofing industry as well as timber preservation, including:

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