what is tanking

What is Tanking? What is Tanking a wall? Tanking is a generic term used to describe various mediums which are used to deal with water entering a below-ground building. Tanking membranes are really barriers that are applied to the structure to physically hold back water ingress and are the more traditional method of dealing with

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identifying the species

Identifying Beetle Species Common Furniture Beetle Attacks softwood (conifer) and the sapwood of European hardwoods. Rarely causes structural weakening although tunnelling along the grain of the wood can potentially cause extensive collapse. Powderpost Beetle Causes damage to wide-pored hardwood with a high starch content, such as ash, elm and oak. Older timbers (over 15 years

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dry rot and its control

DRY ROT The dry rot fungus, Serpula lacrymans, is often regarded as the ‘cancer’ of a building. Many myths have built up concerning what this fungal decay is capable of doing, occasionally leading to the belief that the fungus is indestructible and that the whole of the building will have to be pulled down. However,

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